Why do lorries have deflectors fitted?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To reduce the air resistance/drag acting against them and also to reduce the fuel consumption.

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Q: Why do lorries have deflectors fitted?
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Why do some lorries have deflectors fitted over their cabs?

some lorries have deflectors fitted over their cabs, so it becomes more streamline, it can DEFLECT the air resistance too :) The Ugly Rat

What objects are streamlined to reduce friction by air resistance?

like deflectors on lorries

What is the collective noun for lorries?

The collective nouns are a convoy of lorries a fleet of lorries.

How expensive are car deflectors ?

Car window deflectors are not very expensive. They can cost anywhere from $25 to $50.

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how many eddiestobart lorries arethere

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Where do the headlight deflectors go on Honda CR-V?

The headlight deflectors are located in the headlight assembly. They can be difficult to remove and replace, because you have to feel your way around in the beginning.

Where can I find car window deflectors?

You can find car window deflectors anywhere in the world but for a decent price you have to search around more. It would have to depend on your location for decent prices.

Where can I buy auto wind deflectors online?

There are quite a few websites that sell auto wind deflectors online. Here are a few:, JC, and