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It's possible that when you turn your blinker on you are inadvertently pushing the lever forward causing your high beams to come on and stay on.

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Q: Why do high beams lights come on when making a turn and stay on?
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How do you run highbeams and fog lights on a 2007 mustang gt?

the fog lights work with the low beams , they wont come on with the high beams

Do both headlights on a 1996 Silverado come on on high?

no They do make kits to where when you turn your high beams on all 4 lights come on.

Why your High beams and low beams will not work?

Fuse or dimmer switch is the only answer i can think of if lights come on but just won't go from high to low or visa versa

When turning on head lights in my 1993 ford explorer they do not work when you hold the high beam switch then the head lights work?

your bulbs are burnt out. when you switch on the high beams its only the high beams. but when you flash your brights it lights up both high and low beams.

Why do you have High Beams Lights But No Low Beams Lights on my 1993 Chevy Van?

Bad bulbs Bad dimmer switch

Should you use your high beams when you are driving in fog or snow?

Use your low beams or fog lights. Fog or snow will reflect high beam light back in your eyes making it more difficult to see.

Why Do your low beams and dash board lights not come on but your fog lights work and so do your high beams if you hold them on in a 1996 dodge ram 1500?

Remove the headlight switch and check it. You will probably find it and its plug melted.

What type of lights does a golf mark 4 have?

The low beams and high beams are both H7 bulbs. The fog lights are H3's.

Why wont the daytime running and low beams lights work when I have high beams and have changed both lights and the switch?

Have you checked the drl relay?

Should you use your high beam lights when driving in the fog? lights up the fog making vision worse. Fog normally is least dense at the bottom and rarely reaches all the way to the ground. Thats why fog lights are way down low and why low beams are better than high beams when driving in fog.

Low beam lights will not come on only the high beam lights work?

Believe it or not, you might have 2 BURNT OUT LOW BEAMS. Ive seen that a few times.

Which lights should you use when you are drivingin a fog?

Low beams and fog lights if equipped. High beams only light-up the fog more.