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it hurts them

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Q: Why do headlights burn out more when its cold out?
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Do you burn more calories exercising in heat or cold?

Cold. Your body has to work harder to warm you up, therefore you burn more calories

Do you burn more calories running in cold weather or hot?

in a hot weather you can burn more more calories because of sweating

When you exercise in the cold do you burn more calories?

In theory, yes.

What is the cost in running with headlights on during daylight hours?

your headlights will burn out faster and could possibly blow a fuse, but you would go through headlights and a drastically increased rate if you use headlights when they are unneeded.

Does a candle burn faster when cold or at room temperature?

A candle will burn faster at room temp. Candels burn by means of the wick effect. The energy from the flam heats the wax beneath the wick ( by way of convection threw the wick and by luminescent radiation , causing it to melt then asend threw the wick, ( eventually having enough heat to evaporate buy the time it reaches the top of the wick) It then burns as a vapor when mixed with oxgene much like gasoline, the melting and vaporisation points vary depending on the type of wax used, but ultimitly the warmer the candel to begin with the faster it will burn. PS, I am sorry if my grammer isn't very good.....I am french :) PPS. I am not a scientist, just a scientist in training... AND a Pyro, so i base on both science and personal experience

What would make headlights burn out on a 1971 super beetle Volkswagen?

Being old is usually what does it. If new headlights burn out, do a voltmeter check. If the voltage is much over 14, your voltage regulator is fried.

Are automobiles headlights wired in parallel or in series?

Headlights are generally wired in parallel. This way, if one headlight is to burn out, the others remain lit.

Do you burn fat to keep warm?

You burn calories and some from fat to keep warm. Particularly when it is cold, your body uses more calories.

Does taking a cold shower burn fat?

Yes, taking cold showers can increase your metabolism and burn fat.

What causes Chrysler 2000 jxi to burn out headlights frequently?

Your headlight is leaking, allowing water to enter the lens. when it is on water will burn out the bulb.

What should be applied to a burn?

Cold water.

How cold is the 6th state of matter?

it is so cold it can burn you

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