Why do car drivers tailgate motorcycles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They aren't supposed to at all, it's against the rules of the road. When they DO, it's usually in an attempt to intimidate and bully the motorcyclist into pulling over to let the car into their space- cars being bigger and more of an obstacle, their misuse by ruthless drivers and road-hogs creates a menacing and potentially dangerous threat to a motorcyclist.

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Q: Why do car drivers tailgate motorcycles?
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Are Motorcycles as safe as cars?

No, and for obvious reasons. A car has a body to protect you in case of an accident. A car has seat belts to use to prevent further travel in case of an accident. A motorcycle has none of these safety features. Define safe. Bikes have superior acceleration, handling and far superior braking than cars. Motorcycles are less forgiving of mistakes than cars. Being a pedestrian or a child or pensioner by a roadway is far more dangerous than being a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists are more accomplished than car drivers, they have no metal box or sundry gadgets to make them complacent. There are more motorcyclists who also drive cars than there are car drivers who also ride motorcycles. Motorcyclists who drive cars are significantly more hazard aware than car drivers who have never ridden. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to the selfishness and blinkered skill of car drivers than are other car drivers.

What is the difference between cars and motorcycles?

Cars are four wheeler with proper protection like seat belt while motorcycles are bi-wheeler with less protection like riders are compel to wear safety jackets, gloves and boots. Car drivers are more safe as compared to motorcycle riders.

How much is it to tailgate?

The cost to tailgate depends on how much it costs to park your car or truck. Once your parked in the parking lot, you can tailgate for free...

Where did phrase tailgating originate?

A 'tailgate' is the back part of a truck or heavy goods vehicle. Drivers who stick too close to the back of another vehicle were said to be having a 'tailgate party', which was then just shorted to 'tailgate'.

Do motorcycles always have the right of way?

No, motorcycles do not have an automatic right of way. Licensed motorcyclists are subject to the same laws as regular drivers.

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A class D drivers license allows you to drive a small passenger car and truck. No motorcycles and no big rigs.

When your driving name something annoying the car in the back of you would do?

tailgate your car

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What you is a tailgate?

the back of a car. or when someone is driving really close to the back of your car and is 'tailgating'

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the tailgate unlocks with the rear doors. Are your rear doors unlocking properly ? is your car battery weak ??