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chances are that one you ride the brakes, or you tend to brake at the last moment...

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Q: Why do I have so much brake dust on my hubcaps?
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Why do I have so much Break dust on my hubcaps?

Bad design of the wheels Incorrect brake pads for your vehicle, both in shape and brake material' Driving around with your foot resting on the brake pedal.

Why so much brake dust from front calipers 2000 ranger?

Could be cheap brake pads.

What is the function of dust shield in the cars?

So what does it take to take care of the brake dirt ? Scrub it clean ? Well, it can do but it may affect your wheels ' glimmer. It 's better to use brake dust shields for it is better to prevent dust accumulation. Brake dust shield are usually aluminum plates, in the case of Kleen Wheels , that are installed between the rim and your brake disc. The aluminum plate catches all the brake dust blown from the brake disc and prevents it from settling on the your rims.

Why do front car hubcaps get dirtier than the rear?

Hey, I'm guessing that your talking about a grey/black color forming, many around the holes in caps/ rims. This is due to your brakes (brake dust) All cars, weather it be a front or rear, 2 wd/4wd or all w/d. the main force of a cars braking is to the front of the car, on a guide (70% front braking force-30% rear braking force) If you also look at the physical size of a cars brake pad/ shoe, you Will notice that the front is larger as well. you can buy a high quality brake pad that is virtually dust free ( removes this problem of colored rims) so as there is more force on front pads & they are larger, this = more dust

Is it a bad idea to spray your hubcaps black?

To be honest i think that is not a bad idea. but if ur painting your hubcaps then make sure you check ur car`s colour so the end result is matching.

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Why do your wheels get so black on your expedition?

Try and switch to a low dust brake pad....also waxing wheels can make it easier to clean!

What is the brake noise on my 2002 ford windstar?

you probly need new pads rotors jeck for dust on the brakes if so blow them clean with a compresor

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