Why do Bright lights work but dims do not?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Same reason morons can reproduce without a permit.

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Q: Why do Bright lights work but dims do not?
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Why wont your dims come on and your brights will on a Nissan Stanza 1986?

You need to replace the bulb in your lights. The dim lights and bright lights have different bulbs.

Can you dim dash lights on a ford feista 2010?

I also wanted to do this. Apprently not, you can change the settings in the menu (on the radio display) but only to daylight (bright) or automatic (dims when lights are on) not any good for the drive in's...

When headlights are on electric dash dims in 1992 Jimmy?

That is normal. The dash dims so at night you are not distracted by a bright light in your face

Why would the bright headlights on a 2000 Nissan frontier work but dims do not?

Because there are two different bulbs for the hi-beams and lo-beams

Why wont my dim lights work on a ford focus?

The dims lights may not work on a Ford Focus if the switch is defective, the wiring is damaged, or the bulb has burnt out. If both bulbs are out, it is most likely within the wiring.

What would cause the dashboard lights to go out on a 1996 Chevy Corvette and everything else still work if the fuses and the bulbs are ok?

have you tried turning the ouside dial on headlight switch that dims the gages bright or dull had a similar problem with 98 corvette no dash lights or hvac or running lights turned out to be multi function switch (headlights turnsignals)

What could the problem be if the bright lights on your 1984 Lincoln Town Car go out after being on for about 5 minutes but if dims are left on they never go out?

Probably need to change your light switch on the dash

2007 350 grizzly when you turn on the key neutral is on and bright when you turn on kill switch neutral light goes out and dims and quad will not start will start if pulled head lights will not come?

Replace the battery.

What companies make the best halogen work lights?

Halogen work lights, also called tungsten lights, are bright lights for illuminating a large work area. One great company that makes high-quality halogen work lights is Sunnex, Inc.

What is an electroromic rearview mirrow?

An electrochromic mirror uses sensors that change the light sensitivity on rear view mirrors. This is basically an auto dimming sensor that helps with headlights following you. When bright lights hit the mirror, it dims the lights so they do not blind you while looking in the rear view mirror.

Do deer run toward bright lights?

Deer do not run towards bright lights but become mesmerized by steady, bright lights.

Why do the bright lights work but the head lights do not on a 2001 Honda civic?

Bulbs burned out? Headlight switch bad? Relay?