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"In 1981, then-Gov. Bob Graham and the Legislature halted motor vehicle inspections after complaints about long lines at state-run inspection stations."

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Q: Why did they stop car inspections in Florida?
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Which companies offer inspections for a person's car?

Txdps is a inspector which is certified to give inspections for a person's car. Most state police stations are also certified for this job. For private inspections, most car dealerships will give an inspection for a fee.

Mandatory car inspections should be free for everyone once a year.?

Mandatory car inspections should be free for everyone once a year.

Can a lender stop you from register a new car if another car is in repo status in Florida?

yes they can stop you , you need to return the car back to the lender in other for you to register a new car.

Is there a website for free car vin inspections?

What states have plant inspections at the border?

The only two states I have encountered are California and Florida.

How often are car safety inspections required in Texas?

Car safety inspections are required annually in Texas. This is part of the registration renewal process and in some vehicles will also need emissions testing.

Can you sell a car that isn't inspected?

In states that require annual inspections, no it must have a current inspection to be sold.But most states require no annual inspections.

What are the penalties for driving a car in Utah with no safety inspections or emission tests?

A fine, or your car may be impounded.

How old does a car have to be for inspections to no longer be required?

Most states are discontinuing the safety inspections anyway,but to answer your question 20 to 25 years depending on the state you live in.

Returning a car in Florida?

returning a car in Florida

Do you need a Florida car inspection to get Florida license plate?

No. There is no Florida car inspection.

Where do you find the inspections requirements for Florida Commercial Vehicles?

Commercial inspection requirements are federal not state to state and can be found at FMCSA.DOT.GOV