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because it looks awsome

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โˆ™ 2010-01-21 16:32:14
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Q: Why coon tails on car antenna?
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No, they are a style you can dye your hair in, that looks like raccoon tails, hence the shortened 'coon tails' :p

How do you do coon tails on hair?

You get it dyed

Where can you get raccoon tails?

There are dozen of places on eBay that sell fake and genuine raccoon tails and coon skin hats.

What is coon hunting?

Unless I'm much mistaken, in the midwest, coon hunting is hunting for racoons... And it's pretty popular. Make sure you save the tails! wow

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What are the options for car radio antenna types?

The options for car radio antennas include internal car antennas, external car antennas, power antennas, and satellite antennas. The internal antenna is the least effective and most cars come with either the external fixed antenna or the power antenna unless their is a satellite radio in the car and then it is a satellite antenna.

What is a car antenna booster used for?

A car antenna booster is used to 'boost' the radio waves of the car's antenna. This is usually used to improve radio quality and reduce static that might be heard.

When to use antenna and antennae?

Antenna is singular - a car has a radio antenna. Antennae is plural - insects have two antennae.

What is an appendage of a cell?

tails antenna .is an example of cell appendages. a moving thing. thats a sensore

Where is the radio antenna on a 2006 Lincoln town car?

The antenna is integrated into the rear window

Where is antenna on 1999 Lincoln Town Car?

The antenna is located inside of the rear window

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