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because a 1 to 1 comp ratio would not generateenough power to keep the engine to idle,the higher your ratio the more of a powerful stroke you will have. more power is good.a i c fuel engine will be between 9;1 to 11;1 race motors on hi octane around 14;1

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Q: Why compression ratio is greater than 1 in i c engine?
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How do you calculate compression ratio?

compression ratio = compressed size / uncompressed size the ratio should be between 1 and 0 (multiply with 100 to get the ratio in percent) a ratio greater than 1 means, the compressed size is actually greater than the uncompressed size a ratio just below 1 means bad compression the lower the ratio, the better the compression

Why is diesel engine more expensive than petrol engine?

Because of higher compression ratio.

Why diesel engine car is costlier than petrol engine car?

Due to the increase in the compression ratio of a diesel which fires on compression rather than spark, the engine is built much stronger than a petrol engine. It therefore just costs more to manufacture.

Why do diesel engine has a greater noise than gasoline engine?

The fuel is ignited by compression and not by a spark plug. The compression of the cylinders is much higher than in a gas engine. The fuel must be compressed to the point at which it will ignite. This cause the noise you hear from a diesel engine.

Is compression thrust force greater than power thrust force in diesel engine cylinder?

If it was, the engine wouldn't work - you would be putting more energy in than you got out.

Why diesel engine generates more power than a petrol engine?

Higher compression ratio, therefore it develops far more torque which equates to pulling power.

What is mean compression ratio of 71?

It means that before the compression, the volume is 71 times larger than after the compression.

Which engine has highest compression ratio?

the diesel engine. it takes one ignition to start, then it runs off of (autoignition) ignition from heat caused by high compression. compression ignition (autoignition) causes ignition to happen a little earlier than spark ignition engines (gas engines) which is less vulnerable to risk of engine knocking or wasted power when dealing with high compression. -maddmatt

If you run a Honda 50cc dirt bike on 110 octane gas what will happen?

Congratulations you have just added to the Misinformation Superhighway. Stock specs for Hondas is about 10:1 COMPRESSION The octane rating of gasoline tells you how much the fuel can be compressed before it spontaneously ignites. When gas ignites by compression rather than because of the spark from the spark plug, it causes knocking in the engine. Knocking can damage an engine, so it is not something you want to have happening. Lower-octane gas (like "regular" 87-octane gasoline) can handle the least amount of compression before igniting. The compression ratio of your engine determines the octane rating of the gas you must use in the car. One way to increase the horsepower of an engine of a given displacement is to increase its compression ratio. So a "high-performance engine" has a higher compression ratio and requires higher-octane fuel. The advantage of a high compression ratio is that it gives your engine a higher horsepower rating for a given engine weight -- that is what makes the engine "high performance." The disadvantage is that the gasoline for your engine costs more

What happens if you put e85 gasoline in a regular gasoline engine?

It will ruin the engine. Ethanol is a much harsher fuel than gasoline and also requires a higher compression ratio to burn efficiently.

Why does a diesel engine develop more torque than a gasoline engine of equivalent displacement?

Diesel engine runs at a higher compression ratio than a gasoline engine. A typical diesel engine may also use a longer stroke and smaller bore than a gasoline engine. Diesel fuel has a higher energy density than gasoline.

Compression ratio 351?

351 is not a compression ratio unless you are talking 351:1, 35:1, or 3.5:1. 351 is more than likely the displacement