Why cars are not alive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because they run by engines and gas. That's why.

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Q: Why cars are not alive?
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How can cars be alive?

They can't

What is the Horror movie where all the cars come alive and kill humans?

Maximum OverdriveAustralian film "The Cars that Ate Paris"

Why is a car not considered alive?

Cars are not known as alive because they dont have/do all the Life Processes There really are more reason :)

Did George Washington own a ford?

No. There were no cars when Washington was alive. It will take well over a 100 years before cars will be invented.

Why didn't Jesus take the wheel?

Because cars did not exist when Jesus was alive.

Why aren't cars alive?

Cars are alive. People say that they aren't alive because they're merely a piston engine connected to a transmission connected to a drive train, encased by steel and glass. True, none of these are alive by themselves, the minute a car rolls off the production line, he or she becomes alive. At least, that's what my 1988 GMC Sierra told me. I'm in a fight to save his life now.

Is oil alive?

No, oil is not alive. If it were, it would be protected by Green Peace, and we would have to find something else to lubricate our machinery and make cars run.

What do warrior cats call cars?

In warriors the cats call cars monsters and they think they are alive.

How many general lee cars are left?

If you are asking about General Robert E. Lee he didn't have a car. Cars weren't invented when be was alive. He rode a horse named Traveller.

What is the name for a line of cars that follows a political figure?

Motorcade, if the political figure is alive at the time. Otherwise it is a cortege.

Who feels about Nelson Mandela?

my family cars about it because nelson Madel la is my brother and i love him i wish he never did that but so long hi is still alive

Is Richard Petty dead?

No. He is very much alive and active in NASCAR. He is the team owner for the 9 and 43 cars driven by Marcos Ambrose and A. J. Allmendinger.