Why cars are important to society?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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for people to use at work and going anywhere they like

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Q: Why cars are important to society?
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How metals are important to your society?

How metals are important to our society?

Why are cars preffered?

I would say technology is more important to cars than cars are important to technology. Technology advances, these advancements are then applied to cars.

Which charities accept donations of cars?

There are many charities which one accept cars as donations. In Canada, the Accessible Housing Society, Bullying Canada, and the Canadian Cancer Society all accept cars for donations.

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Magic -- Honor Society remake of the cars song magic

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The most important modern society is the capitalist society.

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Locksmiths are very important since they not only make keys for locks, they help people get into their homes and cars when the key has been lost or misplaced.

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How science technology and society interconnected?

With science, there will be technology. With technology, there would be things like cars for example and with cars, there will be accidents and so, science and technology is interconnected with society.

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This job is important to society because is helps children and save kids lives. Also give people to show how children is important to society to. society is important to us if their's no society we are not here

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Lots of nice cars

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with out them we wouldn't have cars