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Possibly a bad alternator or battery.

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Q: Why car starts and runs fine then dies when stopping at a light or at all?
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Your 1992 Oldsmobile ciea 3.3 v6 starts fine but after driving for 20 or 30 minutes the dies on you but starts after 30 minutes changed the modgule and coils still nothing and no check engine light al?

replace your crank sensor....or when it dies dump cold water on it to see if it starts again

2001 Rio starts up good then dies when cold starts back up and runs fine Why?

Coolant temp sensor

1986 Mustang starts up fine when you put it in gear then jerks and dies?

get a 1966 one there better!

Car starts for 10 minutes but then dies and loses all power for 5 minutes then starts fine again Battery is fine before and after any thoughts Its a 1977 trans am with a 455 in it.?

More info. What kind of car ?

Jeep starts fine goes down road Hesitation and dies then cant get it started?

If it starts again after awhile only to do the same thing, the fuel filter is probably clogged.

Car starts fine but dies after 10 seconds every time?

sounds like an immobilizer fault or the battery in your key is faulty

Why does my 1999 ford windstar van starts fine but cuts right off?

Sounds like it has to do with the micro-chip in the key. Starts for about 3 seconds and dies. In 1999 Ford installed a micro-chip in the ignition key for Anti-theft purposes. If the chip isn't there, or is malfunctioning, the vehicle starts briefly and dies.

How much is the fine for not stopping at a stop sign?

The cost of a fine for not stopping at a stop sign, will vary depending on where you get ticketed for it. It can run anywhere from $30 to more than $100.

Maximum fine for not stopping for a school bus in California?


What could be the problem with a 95 Monte Carlo that runs fine until it stops like at a redlight then stalls and dies?

The torque converter clutch may be staying engaged, causing it to kill the engine when stopping.

Why when I drive then dies at stop light losing power?

because the car isn't used to stopping that long your ignition coil is going bad my was doing the same thing losing power at a stop light or stop sign after about 30 minutes changed coil packs now its fine unless your engine is low of water and runing hot the coils should fix it.

93 s10 blazer starts and runs fine for 20 to 30 minutes then dies and wont restart until later Any Ideas?

call the guys on car talk.

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