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For one, you probably have a leak, and also you probably have a clogged heater core.

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Q: Why can you smell antifreeze and car has no heat and also you hear bubbling was already flushed?
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Why does it smell like antifreeze in car when driving?

your vehicle may smell like antifreeze while driving because it is overheating

1999 Oldsmobile alero and it just started cutting off it cuts off while I'm driving my service engine soon light is also on I smell like antifreeze or somthing burning?

Flush your radiator and get that orange antifreeze GUNK outta there! I flushed mechanic added green antifreeze and all is well....that orange stuff eats and destroys....

I smell antifreeze when i run the defrost on my 1999 Lincoln town car?

if you can smell antifreeze you need to replace the heater core in the vehicle

Why do you smell antifreeze when you turn your car off?

A small amount of antifreeze smell may be emitted from the radiator overflow. However if you smell antifreeze you need to make sure there isn't a leak. It may be something simple if you catch it early.

What does antifreeze smell like?

Maple syrup.

What will cause a 2000 dodge stratus motor to smell like antifreeze when you have drove it a few miles?

An antifreeze leak.An antifreeze leak.

Smell of antifreeze but radiator is full?

The smell of antifreeze is very strong and distinct, it does not take much of a leak to smell it. The radiator could still be full and have a small leak. I would check for antifreeze dripping onto the exhaust or on the engine block because when it is hot the smell is much more noticeable from the fumes.

Why do you have antifreeze on the floor of your car?

You have a leaking heater core. You might smell antifreeze if you turn on the defroster.

What does it mean when you smell antifreeze?

heater core leak

How do you check if my heater core is leaking?

Antifreeze will be leaking in the floorboard on the passenger side, there will be a smell of antifreeze through the vents.

What does it mean when you smell antifreeze inside your vehicle?

You have a coolant leak.

If the heater core is replaced should you still smell antifreeze?