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It is the fastest on-road car in the world and also it is hand made.

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Q: Why buggati veyron is the most expensive car?
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World expensive car?

The Buggati Veyron cost arounr3.2-4 million dollars.

What is the most famous car in america in 2011?

the buggati veyron!

Which car is most luxurious sports car?

buggati veyron is 500.0000 dollars

Lamborghini and bugatti which is expensive?

Buggati is the most expensive LEGAL car. So Buggati is more expensive.

What car is faster Audi or a buggati veyron?

a buggati is faster because it is set to be the fastest land car

What is the latest car with the biggest engine?

Buggati Veyron

What was the largest selling car in 1970?

buggati veyron

What is fastest car on rigs of rods?

Buggati Veyron

What is the quickest car ever made?

buggati veyron

Which is the second world fastest car?

the worlds second fastest car is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Which car is speed buggati veyron or aero?

The Aero is faster.

What is the 2nd fastest car?

The Buggati Veyron with 1001 Hp