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Could be low brake fluid or just worn brakes in need of replacement.

Could also be a faulty master cylinder.

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Q: Why brake pedal goes to the floor when system has no leaks?
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On a 2002 1500 HD should the brake pedal go to the floor when the truck isn't running?

no! you have air in the brake system or there is no pressure for some reason. look for leaks. bleed the system.

You replaced rear brake shoes and drums your brakes are now fading and have to be pumped to stop There are no leaks and the adjustment is up where it should be?

Try bleeding your brakes. If there is air in the system it can give a spongy feeling to your brake pedal and require you to pump your brakes and/or put your brake pedal to the floor.

Brake pedal will slowy go down to the floor and leaks?

Leaks from where? If it's leaking around the pedal, you have a bad mastercylinder. If it's leaking at all, you have to fix that, then bleed the whole system. Not a major thing but I wouldn't drive it like that. if it fails completely, you won't have any brakes.

1997f-350 brake pedal goes to floor?

ouch,are brakes adjusted correctly/ sit in vehical and pump pedal to get a full pedal,then hold pedal to see if it bleeds off and goes to floor,if it stays, replace shoes and pads if it goes to floor, there is a fluid leak somewhere is there brake fluid in the resevoir/ are there any brake fluid leaks ,check backside of wheels there is a brake fluid pump, on the chassis rail about level with the front of the front door on the left side.if this pump is bad your pedal will go to the floor

When the car is off the brake pedal is hard to push but with the car on the pedal goes to the floor?

sounds like you have a leak in your Brake Boost Controler, you should also check to see if there is any leaks in the vacuum lines that connect the engine to the brake booster.

What do you look for on a 1993 E350 motorhome if the brake pedal slowly goes to the floor and there's no sign of leaks?

Probably leaking back at the master cylender.

Why would a brake pedal held to the floor suddenly lose tightness and brakes not working?

Have your brake system checked immediately! (by a proffesional)

When i press on the brake pedal of my 2000 mercury mystique the pedal gos to floor after doing brakes?

It sounds like you need to bleed the system of air.

What brake pedal is the cause of air being in the brake system?

The brake pedal has nothing to do with it. If air is in the system then bleed the brakes.

Why does brake pedal go to floor?

Defective master cylinder, low of fluid, or leak somewhere else in the system.

Is the emergency brake a hydraulic system that is automatically actuated when the driver depresses the brake pedal?

No, the regular brake system is a hydraulic system that is actuated when the driver depresses the brake pedal. The emergency brake is a direct mechanical system that is manually actuated when the driver pulls the hand lever or depresses the emergency brake pedal, which is separate from the brake pedal.

Why is vehicle brake bled?

they are bled to remove air out of your brake system. bleeding prevents you from having mushy brakes or your pedal going to the floor. it also makes the pedal tight and more sensitive to your feet.