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Because people purchase 2-3-4-5 year (depends on state) registration stickers.

So next time you register your car, ask for a longer registration period, and the sticker will have the year it expires on it.

For example, if I went today (12-30-2011) to the DMV and purchased 2 years worth of registration in backwards Idaho; then my lic. sticker would have "2013" on it, with the month of december printed on the side of the year.

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Q: Why are some license plates stickers issued for 2013 already?
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Do you need the red stickers on your car for the driving test?

No, just a valid registration, license plate, and insurance. Edit: You do your test in their car, so they already have the L plates on if that was what you meant..

Is it necessary to surrender out of state license plates when registering a car in California?

Not necessarily your plates, but you will have to surrender your old drivers license when you are issued your new one.

Who invented car plates?

The first license plates were issued in the German state of Baden in 1896. Massachusetts became the first state in the United States to manufacture license plates in 1903. The earliest license plates were made of leather, wood, and porcelain.

When did they start issuing license plates for cars?

France issued plates for motorized vehicles in 1893. In the US, New York was the first state to require license plates, but they were furnished by the owners and instead of a numbering system, displayed the owner's initials. In 1903, Maryland had the first state-issued plates which were made of porcelain.

I've sold my car to the dealership but i forgot to removed the license plates and stickers would i be in any trouble.?

The dealership will likely know to return the plates (and stickers) to the state, on your behalf. (They deal in this sort of thing, for a living.) You can contact the dealer to make sure.

Requirements to renew Illinois license plate stickers?

There are a few things you have to haven in order to get your license plates sticker renewed. You will have to have to old one, your insurance policy and your registration.

What do British call the license plate?

Number plates. British number plates are issued for the whole life of the vehicle and do not signify whether the vehicle is licenced or not.

How long to have to register for new plates?

at the end of the month shown on the sticker on your license plates

How many License Plates does your car need in Alaska?

From Alaska state law: Sec. 28.10.171. Display of registration plates. (a) When two registration plates are issued for a vehicle, they shall be attached to the vehicle for which issued, one in front and the other in the rear. When one registration plate is issued, it shall be attached to the rear of the vehicle for which issued. Only motorcycles and trailers have plates issued singly; all other vehicles for transport on public roads are issued in pairs.

What is the significance of Parke County's license Plates beginning with the number 61?

Auto license plates issued in Parke County start with the 61 because it is the sixty-first county in alphabetical listing (of all the Indiana counties).

Are the police license plate scanners violate the fourth amendment?

No. License plates are already in plain sight, and an officer can run the plates at any time. The scanner just speeds up the process.

What are apportioned license plates?

plates that are apportioned and have a license.