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because the state gets free labor from inmates.

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2008-07-21 21:17:28
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Q: Why are license plates made in prison?
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Where are Illinois license plates made?

Illinois plate were only prison made from 1933-1935. Illinois is one of the few states that have legislated against prison-made license plates They were made in the prison industry program despite the Depression-era cost of 6.4 cents per set. (That was "a lot" back then.) The prisons made the plates from 1933 to 1936, and these plates were re-issued without cost to vehicle owners as they were replacements. But the poor quality of the paint caused the Illinois Secretary of State to end the contract with the prison industry program and accepted bids from private contractors, who still make the plates today.

What is La Van Hawkins doing?

Stampimg license plates in prison.

Who makes New Hampshire's license plates?

The license Plates of New Hampshire that Read "Live Free or Die" are manufactured by prisoners in the state prison of Concord

Are all license plates made in prisons?


From what kind of metal are license plates made?


Where are California license plates made?

California Department of Prisons.

Who invented car plates?

The first license plates were issued in the German state of Baden in 1896. Massachusetts became the first state in the United States to manufacture license plates in 1903. The earliest license plates were made of leather, wood, and porcelain.

What are apportioned license plates?

plates that are apportioned and have a license.

Where are new york state license plates made?

new york

How and why were soy bean license plates made?

I can answer the "Why" part of your question. Soy Bean License Plates were made back in the World War II era because of the need for metal for the War effort. State such as Illinois, Montana, Virginia Georgia, and Alaska all had plates made from compressed Soy Beans and Fiberboard. These type of License Plates were made from 1942 to 1948, but not in all of these states. People started noticing, especially on the farms, that the License Plates were being eaten off the vehicles by goats and cows!

Do prison inmates still make license plates?

Yes. In Ohio inmates make all license plates, including temporary tags. They still make them in Michigan too, and here: is a website describing the factory

Do parking tickets on old license plates follow new license plates?

Tickets don't go against your license plates - they go against your actual license.

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