Why are cars called she?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes cars are called she as beck says in victoriouse

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Q: Why are cars called she?
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What are the cars called that the Jews where put into to be taken to the concentration camps called?

The cars were called "Cattle Cars". They were called cattle cars because that's what cattle were put into when they had to travel.

What is the name of a black cars specially to transport dead body to be buried?

Those cars are called hearses. Those cars are called hearses. Those cars are called hearses. Those cars are called hearses. A hearse.

What are the cars that give tickets called?

They're called DTP cars,

What are cars called that run on gas?

They are called cars that run on gasoline.

What are the different cars called on a train?

they are called compartments and rail cars.............(in india)

What were Henry Ford's cars called?

Henry Ford's cars were called the model-T.

What are mine cars called?

The cars in a common mine train are usually called "hoppers".

Is it called train cars or carts?

train cars

What are old cars called?

antiques or collector cars.

What is a person called if they fixes cars?

A person that fixes cars is called a mechanic.

What are a group of cars called?

A fleet of cars or a car pool.

What is the concept of cc?

This is called Compact Cars - Small Cars......