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If it's a truck with a bucket on it, you'd keep the bucket raised when parked for marketing/visibility. If it's a boom lift (cherry picker), it's probably to eliminate wasted space and keep people from messing with it.

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Q: Why are bucket trucks parked with the buckets in the air?
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Is a boom truck the same thing as a bucket truck?

Boom trucks are the same as bucket trucks. They both have a long shaft that extends into the air with a bucket attached. These are common utility vehicles.

Uses for Bucket Trucks?

Bucket trucks can be seen all over the highways, byways, and side streets of the great United States. However, many people do not know what these trucks are used to do. What are the common uses for these trucks? What are the uncommon uses for these trucks? What are the humorous tasks that people use these trucks to accomplish?The number one job that people use these bucket trucks to do is performing maintenance upon telecommunications lines and electrical utility equipment. This is the most obvious things that people can use these trucks and their cherry pickers to accomplish. Specially insulated bucket trucks are used to do these Jo s and keep the workers safe from violent electrocutions.Another use for these bucket trucks is to perform window washings. Some of these booms can reach up to sixty feet into the air. This is high enough to wash the exterior windows on office buildings that are up to five stories in height. Window washers are able to stay safe and reach things that are too high to be reached by using simple ladders.These bucket trucks are even used to pick fruit, hence the term cherry picker that some people use to describe the vehicles. Mostly, these bucket trucks are used to pick apples in orchards.Animal rescue is another task that these bucket trucks are commonly used to achieve. One such case of using a bucket truck to save wildlife occurred when a gull became entangled in a fishing wire and got caught on a fifty foot tree. The bucket truck was the only way to save this poor soul.Bucket trucks are also used to hang decorations for city Christmas festivities. Many larger cities like to have gigantic Christmas trees in the town square. There would be no way that they could set up these giants without the tremendous aid provided by these helpful vehicles. Likewise, other people use these bucket trucks to trim trees after large thunder and ice storms. These hanging branches that are left by bad weather conditions can be quite dangerous to people and buildings alike.These bucket trucks are godsends for so many reasons. Without bucket trucks, people would be risking their lives to wash windows and perform other jobs.

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