Why are airplanes faster than cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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airplanes have huge engines unlike cars the also run on a better type of fuel than cars but jet fuel would ruin a car

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Q: Why are airplanes faster than cars?
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How much faster are planes then cars?

According to studies, airplanes are 9 times faster than cars. It is because they are powered with greater thrust by propellers and jet engines.

How much faster are airplanes than spaceships?

Spaceships are MUCH faster than airplanes.

Are jet airplanes faster than turbo prop airplanes?


Is a jet pack faster than a airplane?

No. Airplanes are faster.

Can airplanes travel faster than sound?

NO they can not travel faster than sound in thunder and lightning

What car is faster than airplanes?

bloodhound SSC

Are people killed more by cars than airplanes?

Yes .

What can go faster then sound?

Airplanes cars motorcycles light , charged particles all exceed the speed of sound

What machine uses hydraulics?

cars and airplanes

Airplanes move at greater than cars?

Speed, altitude, and cost.

Is a boat faster than a airplane?

Some very fast boats may be faster than slow aircraft. However, in general, airplanes are faster.

How fast did airplanes fly in 1916?

Compared to today they were very slow. Many could not go much faster than 100 mph. Most modern cars are capable of greater speeds than these 'planes.