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check your fluids it is probably low on antifreeze and if it still does it change your thermostat that should fix the problem

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Q: Why a car overheats when driving but cools at idle?
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When driving car it is fine but if leave car idle more then 15mins it almost overheats?

The cooling system is probably getting old ... but to leave a car idling for 15 min is not a good practice for the car or for your gas milage.

Why does my car idle without overheating but overheats when driven?

possible radiator resrtiction

Car overheats on idle but not when driving Pressure test OK New thermostat Both upper and lower hoses get warm Cannot figure out what is wrong?

to hotcheck your cluch fan or if elec. make sure their working

What does it mean when a car overheats only during idle RPM with air conditioner on?

clean rad & cond at the car wash see if that wont help

What could be the possible problems with a 1992 Ford Explorer that overheats while idling and driving under 35 mph but during freeway travel the temperature gauge cools down to normal?

Check and see if the fan cluch is good. Your fan. At higher speeds, the fan is not needed due to the high airflow. At low speeds and idle, you need the fan to operate to cool the car.

Car overheats when idle?

Thermostat regulator is malfunctioning, water pump pulley could be bad, gas bubble in radiator hose.

Would a IAC sensor make a car stall while driving?

When driving the IAC does not do anything because the car is not at an idle

Why does your car die while driving it loses all power suddenly and takes a minute to restart?

To give more info, the car surges before it dies. I can actually keep the car running if I tap the accelerator when I feel it surge. The car also dies at idle. I don't know if this is related or not, but the car easily overheats even with new coolant and thermostat.

Car overheats cools when slow down?

If it overheats at speed, but cools down when you slow down, the problem is likely a head gasket. Combustion gasses are leaking into the cooling system, adding bubbles (which take the place of coolant) and extra heat. Slowing down means the engine is spinning slower, and less combustion gas gets into the cooling system.

How long do I let the car idle during the winter?

Assuming the car is a gas powered vehicle, and not a diesel the answer is, just long enough to get all the snow off the windshield. You don't need to let the car idle before driving it. The only reason to let it idle before driving is to defrost/defog the windows.

What is the temperature at which your car overheats?

Each car overheats at a different temperature you need to look up and find out on the internet

Car heats while still but cools when driving?

make sure there's enough coolant in the radiator.