Why license plate renewal is important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues the license plates in order to ensure the required controls over the vehicles on federal roads. I visited the center for license plate renewal with tags in California for my renewing license plates about a year earlier and understood the requirements for license plate renewal. The DMV license plate renewal is required to ensure some other factors that the air pollution is under control also the safety inspection is performed properly.

I usually service my car from the proper service center of the brand to ensure it stays fit throughout all the time. Also, they ensure my vehicle passes the smog check program along with a healthy engine condition. So I have never faced any problem regarding my DMV registration extension in California. I know I have to renew my license plate so that I can drive my vehicle on the roads without any kind of problems. The DMV has clear instructions, if the license plate is invalid that is subject to some legal obligations and a considerable penalty will be imposed. So I keep my license plate up to date along with tags so use my car freely without any hesitation.

For renewal of registration, the DMV ensures the vehicle is in healthy condition and emits the minimum amount of harmful gases. As I have mentioned, I service my car within the proper interval and that ensures no objection for license plate renewal with tags. Now I’ve decided when my DMV registration expires next year I’ll apply for the DMV registration renewal online via their website. This will save some time for me as well as the process will be completed and I’ll get the new license plate and tags within the 45 days' time. I think the proper maintenance of the vehicle is very important, because of the safety of us and to fulfill the legal requirements.

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Q: Why license plate renewal is important?
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