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duane from American hot rod has been asked to take over the show, but he has had his own shop and didnt like it

duane from American hot rod has been asked to take over the show, but he has had his own shop and didnt like it

The shop was closed shortly after Boyd death, a quote from his wife " Its had to have a Magic without the Magician" Duane left the shop and went to work for West Coast Customs, he now has opened his own shop called American Hot Rod's, Dan a former employee of the shop filled in Duane's shoes when Duane left for West Coast Customs Dan helped close the shop and is currently finishing several of the projects that were left behind. Dan's shop is located within the old shop in La Habra, California, Called Poor Boy Hot Rod's

I have heard that both of the shop will host a reality show, so stay tuned!

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Q: Whos the manger of Boyd coddingtons since Boyd passed away?
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Didn't you see the program on tv? Great car guy, not so good with people though.

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never it's gone

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Rocky Walker is a car collector who lives in Henderson, Nevada. He has had several builds done by Boyd Coddington and, consequently, appeared on his show from time to time. Rocky has the last car completely built and finished by Boyd just before Boyd passed away. It's called the French Connection and was a dream of Boyd's to build and see finished to the end.

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The first time the show went "off" was because Boyd Coddington was supposedly being "sued". The show is no longer on since Boyd Coddington died several months ago.