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Q: Who started the assembly line technique for cars?
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Cheaper cars made by the assembly line technique results in?

cheaper cars

Who started the assembly line techniqiue for cars?

Henry Ford.

How cars are manufactured?

cars are manufactured by an assembly line

Cars are manufactured on what?

On an assembly line.

Who developed the assembly line method of production of automobiles?

Ford made the assembly line for his cars.

What production technique was introduced by Henry Ford?

assembly line

What did Henry Ford contributed and accomplishments?

Henry Ford was an American industrialist who revolutionized the automobile industry by developing the assembly line production process. This innovation significantly lowered the cost of production, making cars more affordable for the average consumer. Ford's Model T is widely regarded as the first mass-produced car, and his techniques set the standard for modern manufacturing.

Is the assembly line relevant today?

Yes. Cars and other items are still made using an assembly line.

How was Ford started?

It was started when Henry Ford started the assembly line

Who invented the Assembly line for cars?

Henry Ford

Who developed the first assembly line for building cars?


What made automobiles more affordable in the 1920s?

Ford Motor Company made cars more affordable starting in 1908 when Henry Ford started producing the Model T on and assembly line instead of them being hand built. In 1909 the Model T sold for $850 and by 1913 the price had dropped to $550. In 1915 it dropped again to $440 due to Ford perfecting the assembly line method of building the car. By the 1920s, the price had fallen to $260 because of increasing efficiencies of assembly line technique and volume.