Who sold the most cars in one year?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The company to sell the most cars in a year was Ford. The F Ford models sold more than the Model T.

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Q: Who sold the most cars in one year?
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Dealership that sold the most cars in one month?


How many cars are sold in the UK every year?

Usually a family own only one car. If they have two or more, it means that people are wealthy.

Who sold the most gold records in one year?

The Osmonds

What car is sold most in used car sales?

The used car that is sold the most is the Honda Accord. This is not necessarily a real statistic, it is just a reference to the number one search on Cars.

Who sold the most cars in one day?

Andrew Hawes, New Car Salesman, York, Stoneacre Ford

How much did cars cost in 1900?

Henry Ford sold his first Quadricycle in 1898 for $200. He sold another one in 1899 and the final one in 1900. It is difficult if not impossible to find out what most of these cars sold for as only the very rich bought them in 1900. The 1901 Oldsmobile sold for $650 which is equal to over $16,000 today.

What time of the year do a renter company sell the old cars?

This happens throughout the year not a one time of the year. They are sold through dealer only auctions and not to the open public.

Which used car classifieds sell the most cars?

The most cars that are sold on classifieds are local classified ads and ones that offer great deals. Using KBB can assist one in finding great deals for used cars.

How many Toyota Prius are sold?

The Prius was one of the best selling cars of 2007. Toyota sold 181,221 in that year. For more information on the Prius, I would visit

What is the most expensive thing ever sold on Earth?

One can never point out a single most expensive thing sold on earth .Be specific about your question , what category you are taking about e.g cars , gadgets etc?

What is the most sold American Girl doll in 2012?

There were many,many American Girl Dolls sold in the year 2012. The most sold one was the gymnastics star, McKenna. I hope this has helped you.

What is the most cars sold by a salesman in one day and month?

Whoever answered that as "50" should say if they were talking about one day or one month. The real answer to one month is Joe Girard a car salesman from Michigan sold 174 cars in one month. It is still the world record and you can find it listed in the Guinness book of world records.