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man I'm trying to find out too. will you post it if you find out?



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Q: Who sings the theme song to Lucas Oil's Life on the Edge show on Speed?
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Who sings edge's theme tune need name of band and song name?

The band that sings Edge's theme is Alter Bridge and the song is "Metalingus".

Who Sings Edge's Theme Song You think you know you?

Alter Bridge sings his song

Who sings Edge's theme music?

alter bridge

Who sing WWE edge theme music?

Alter Bridge sings Edge's theme song. The song is called Metalingus.

Who sings the theme song voices of edge?

Alter Bridge: Metalingus

What is edge's entrance song and who sings it?

Edge's theme song is ''You Think You Know Me'', sang by Alter Bridge.

Who's the band that does edge entrance music?

The band that sings Edge's theme song is Alter Bridge.

Who sings edges current entrance theme?

During Edge's career in the WWE, his theme song by "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge.

What is the band that sing edge theme song?

The name of the band that sings Edge's theme song is Alter Bridge (it is CREED with a different lead singer). The name of the song is "Metalingus."

What band sings Edge's entrance music?

Edge's theme song is done by the band Alter Bridge. The name of his song is Metalingus.

Who is the female host on on the edge lucas oil life on the edge show on speed?

They have used several including Genevieve Chappell & more recently Jamie Howe and Sara Daley.

Who is the band that plays Edge's entrance music?

The next great band for edge entrance music is Theory. Come to Middlebury, Vermont to hear some of their great music. alter bridge sings his theme song