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Sadly men do the most.

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Q: Who lock their keys in their car more often -- men or women?
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How difficult is it to install a fingerprint lock?

More people are opting for a fingerprint lock these days when choosing a lock for their front door. With a fingerprint lock one does not need to worry about losing their keys and it is just as easy to install as any other lock.

What does this phrase mean a key that can open many locks is considered a master key a lock that is opened by many keys is considered a faulty lock?

A master key system is designed to eliminate many keys being carried around and more than one being able to open a lock. The Master key would open all locks and an operating key would open only one lock. Therefore, two different cut keys would open the same lock. There are times when many different keys might open a certain lock such as a janitor or entry door. In this case there are many pins in the lock cylinder to allow the various keys to let the pins meet the shear line. The shear line is the area where the inner cylinder meets the outside shell or lock. When the pins are aligned at the shear line there is a gap and the cylinder can be turned. The more the pins in the cylinder, the more the keys can be used to open, to include those not part of a system. Some master keyed locks would be easier to be picked because of the large amount of possibilities to create a break at the shear line. A lock with many keys is a therefore more prone to a breach in security.

What are dichotomous keys often more useful to scientists than field guides?

Dichotomous keys are more accurate and are much more detailed tha fieldguids

What does it mean when you drop your keys more than once?

That you should drop your keys less often...? you should get better hands.

Are keys made out of iron?

Old dungeon keys were made from iron, but todays keys are more likely to be brass, often plated to appear silver in color.

What has more than thirty keys but cannot open a single lock?

A piano. An organ. A saxophone. An accordion. And so forth.

Why won't a car door lock when you shut it?

Some models force the driver to hold the door handle out as they lock it to prevent the operator from accidentally leaving their keys in the car. Usually cars with this feature will beep if the keys are left in the ignition, to bring even more attention to the mistake.

How many satellites are being tracked when the GPS is operational and the crypto keys are loaded?

anywhere from 0 to 12. you need 4 or more for 3D lock. you need 3 for 2D lock if it is safe to assume you are on or near earth surface. less and all you can get is time lock. Where are you getting CV keys? those are classified and under distribution controls.

Are women more likely to be bitten by cats?

Women are more often bitten by cats

Are men bitten by dogs more often?

Men are more often bitten by dogs than are women

2005 Mini Cooper key will not lock doors?

All keys must be recharged every six months or more often. Drive each key (daily and spares) around town for a few hours to recharge the rechargable battery inside each ; and, try again.

Do men get infective endocarditis more often?

Men are affected about twice as often as women are