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O.K. The vehicle that is backing out is backing out from private property. The vehicle that is pulling away should have the right of way. You see when a vehicle is trying to enter a Highway via driveway, parking lot, ect. he is ASKING for the right of way and he is responsible for yielding. Hope this helps. Thanks CMAC, 8 year SC State Trooper

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Q: Who is responsible when a car backing out of driveway collides with car pulling away from curb?
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If I am backing out of my driveway slowly and my friend's car pulls right behind me instead of waiting for me to pull out and pulling next to me and I back right into her car who is responsible?

you both are. you could have at your side or rear view mirrior. the over person is responsible because she should'nt have been behind you.

Are you required to back your car into your driveway if it is difficult to see when backing out?

no, but that is a good idea. i drive truck and i prefer to back in so i can see when I'm pulling out.

Who fault is it when someone is pulling out of the driveway and hits another car?

The person pulling out of the driveway is at fault.

If a vehicle is pulling out of a driveway onto the road and a vehicle that is speeding collides with them who is at fault?

Possibly both drivers would be assigned a percentage of the responsibility. If not, it would be the fault of the driver pulling out of the driveway. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have ample time and space to enter any roadway before you do so. If the other driver was exceeding the speed limit, they could be assigned the fault, with the thought that if they had been traveling the proper speed, they would be in control of the vehicle and could have avoided it.

If a parked car opens their door as the parked car next to them is pulling away who is responsible legally?

The one backing out, because you should realize someone is opening a door.

Who has to pay if a car pulls out and is hit by anothercar?

If a vehicle is pulling into roadway from driveway, the vehicle pulling out is at fault.

Who is at fault when a car is driving off a driveway and both cars hit at the front corner of car?

the person backing out of the driveway of course. Any vehicle already on a roadway has right of way over one entering it in the absence of a traffic signal.Generally, the person backing out of the driveway must yield to ALL traffic but every place has it's own laws so I'd check with your local police to be sure.

Is pulling straight ahead and out of a parking space in a mall or backing out more likely to cause an accident?

backing out- you have considerably less vision

When can you cross a double yellow line?

Only when pulling in or out of a driveway. Commercial and residential alike.

If you pulling out of your stall and hit someone that is pulling into a stall behind you who is to pay?

Were you backing up? Would need more specific details regarding the facts of loss to be of more assistance.

Why is Toyota Camry muffler too low and scrapes while pulling out of driveway?

it could be it has allwas been that way or you have a broken strap

What is backing up while driving?

Backing up while driving is putting your car in reverse with your foot on the brake and slowly letting your foot off the brake. If you are pulling out of a parking spot you might turn the wheel.