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The owner of a car or used car dealer is responsible when selling a used car. Under law, private sellers of most motor vehicles must buy and show potential buyers the Used Vehicle Information Package.

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Q: Who is respondsible for a used car package when selling a used car?
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What are the benefits of selling a used car for cash?

You can buy a better car with the cash

How much is a used car?

It depends on what type of car you want to get an how much they're selling it for.

Who pays the sales tax when selling a used car?


Dealership selling used car as new?

There are lots of dealership in selling and buying the car as new. The dealer is usually paid on a given commission depending with the agreement reached.

How do you trade in your new car for a used car?

Sure but you are going to take a real loss on the deal. The selling dealer will give you wholesale for the new car and you will pay retail for the used car.

Does offer used car classifieds?

Craigslist has everything from selling appliances to home listings and car classified.

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The best selling most popular car is the toyota corolla note; the corrolla is the best selling car in that it is the most sold single model of a car. It is not the best selling car at this current time.

What exactly is a used car dealership?

A used car dealership, is just like your ordinary car dealership except for one thing. They specifically focus on selling and buying used cars. is one of the best used car dealerships.

Where can you purchase old used cars?

You can try a used car lot or some car dealers have used cars available for purchase. Or you could ask around and see if anyone you know is selling a car.

Do you have to print a vehicle code exactly word for word on a contract when selling a used car in California?

What is another word for car?

What is illegal when selling a car?

While selling a vehicle in the UK, always have your V5C logbook with you. Don't sell your car having outstanding fiance without intimating the buyer. If your vehicle has any mileage discrepancy. It is unlawful to sell it in the UK.

Is the best selling car Toyota?

The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in the world.

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