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Well I'm not going to answer that.They're both cr*p

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Q: Who is funnier to watch iCarly or Tracy beaker?
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Where can you go to watch Tracy beaker returns?

On the tracy beaker websiteoron youtube hope this helps....

Do people watch Tracy beaker?

The Tracy Beaker books went on to become a television series for five years.

Where can you watch Tracy Beaker series 3?

On Youtube

How old is Tracy beaker returns aimed for?

I am 13 and I watch it.

Where does Lilly kettle live from Tracy beaker?

i think she lives in Essex in real life but in the story of the new Tracy beaker she is living with Cam tracys adoption mum. if you want to what the first eposoide of Tracy beaker you can watch it on i player.

Where can you watch Tracy Beaker Returns?

It's available on the CBBC

Where can you watch Tracy beaker returns season 3?

cbbc i player

Where can you watch Tracy beaker returns but not on the BBC iplayer?

cbbc channel

Where can you watch Tracy beaker returns series 2?

Type it into the iPlayer

Where can you watch Tracy beaker the one were she kisses a boy?

The episode is named snake bite. (you can watch it on NBC iplayer.

Is Tracy a famous name?

Tracy is a famous name like Tracy beaker but her real name is dani harmer in cbbc but do you watch blue peter watch it on 101 when you come home watch it my name is mo.killa badman niggaaa

What is the Tracy beaker returns episode Goodbye Tracy Beaker about?

Its about when tracy obvouisly leaves the DG coz justine littlewood takes the mick sayin that tracy has returned to the DG due to the fact when tracy was young she wanted to leave.So is it really true that tracy will be leavin? No one knows u will just have to watch the last episode!! ;)