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I'm sorry but you are. Green light left still yeilds to oncoming, only green arrow left does not have to yeild.

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2013-03-10 20:59:26
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Q: Who is at fault when you turn left on a green light and the car from opposite direction hits the side of you?
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Can you turn left when the traffic light is green or do I have to wait for the green turning light?

Depends. If the light has a sign next to it that says 'Yield on green light' it means you can go when the light is green and there is no traffic coming from the opposite direction that could hit you. If there is no sign wait for the arrow.

You were involved in auto accident where the other driver ran the red light because an ambulance was behind her you were going in opposite direction and you had the green light is she at fault?

Technically a driver is not allowed to break any traffic laws to get out of the way of an ambulance, as such she should not have run the red light. If the ambulance had its lights and sirens on, then you are both at fault since you both should have pulled over.

When a traffic light shows both a red light in a green arrow in the direction you wish to turn you?

If the green arrow shows for the direction you want to turn then you obey the green arrow, the red light is for all other traffic. The green arrow basically overrules the red light for the direction of the arrow.

What is the opposite color of pink?

The opposite color to pink (a tone of red) on the color wheel is green.The opposite of pink is mint green (light green) because the opposite of red is green.

Whats the opposite to a pink elephant?

A green mouse. Because the mouse is small and the opposite of pink on a color wheel is green (light green.)

Who is at fault if you hit a pedestian on green light?

Both of you ! The pedestrian is at fault for not obeying the traffic signals and you are at fault for not paying enough attention to what's around you while driving. A green light is not an automatic right to proceed - it's a priority signal !

When a traffic light shows both a red light and a green light arrow in the direction you wish to turn you?

It means that either turns can be made in the direction shown by the green light or that a stop must be made before turning in the direction shown. Either way, turns are permitted.

Why do we have shadow?

Shadows are caused when an object is blocking the light causing the shape to appear on the ground in the opposite direction of the source of the light. A shadow only appears in the light or when any shining object faces them. All objects in the way of the light will appear with a shadow in the opposite direction of the source of the light.

What does a green light and a green left arrow mean?

A green light and a green left arrow means it is safe for cars to go straight ahead AND turn left. Typically what happens is either the green left arrow comes first before the green light which means only the cars who wish to turn left can proceed but the cars wishing to go straight ahead must wait. Or in a different case the green light and the green left arrow will turn green at the same time but usually in most cases the green left arrow is there for a shorter period of time then the green light. Say the green left arrow turns yellow and then the left arrow disappears but the green light still remains. This means you can drive straight ahead BUT you can still turn left if the left arrow is gone and the green arrow is still there. However, in this case when the green left arrow goes away and the green light is still there the light turns green for the cars coming in the opposite direction so you have to wait your turn and make sure no cars ae there and then you may proceed left. As the cars from the opposite direction have more right of way.Hope this helps.

How can you tell where the Sun is by looking at your shadow?

The shadow faces the opposite direction from where the light is coing from.

Who has the right of way at a green light The person making a right or the person making a left from the opposite side of the road?

If both have a green light the person making the right hand turn has the right of way. There person coming the opposite direction is crossing traffic and should yield to any on coming vehicles whether they are turning right or going straight through.

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