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It's really situation dependent. If the car which collided cross the intersection on a green light or a protected left turn (a green arrow), then they had the right-of-way. If that driver ran a stop light or sign, or failed to yield right-of-way when they didn't have a protected left turn, they'd be liable.

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Q: Who is at fault if a driver is turning right and is hit on the side by car on left?
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Who is at fault if you were turning left and someone then entered the roadway and hit you?

If it was an open intersection, the driver turning left is at fault. If there is a traffic signal, stop sign or one way street involved, it could be either driver, depending on circumstances.

Who is at fault in left hand turn accident?

It will likely be the person making the left turn who is at fault. It is the turning driver's responsibility to make certain that the turning maneuver can be completed in a safe manner without interference with opposing traffic. WHile the other driver who hit you MAY have contributed to the accident, it was the turning driver that precipitated it.

Who is at fault when you are in the right turning lane to take a right turn and the driver to your left turns right and hits your car?

If you are in a turning lane, and the other vehicle turns into you while they are in a straight lane, then they should be at fault. If the accident ends up in court take photos of the intersection to help plead your case.

Driver 1 is turning left. Driver 2 is coming from the opposite direction making a right. Driver 2 makes a wide right turn into far lane Driver 1 crashes into Driver 2's side. Who's at fault?

driver 2 Probably Driver 1, the driver making a right turn is usually considered to have the right of way.

When turning left on green if you have a left turn yield on green and the driver across from you has a yield sign and is turning right who has the right of way?

Yes, absolutely. The only exception is if the driver turning right has a yield sign. This is one of the most common mistakes I see in the area I live. Many times, the driver turning right has a yield sign. That would give priority to the driver turning left. However, if the driver turning right has no yield sign, she has the priority. There are so many yield signs in my area that drivers turning left automatically assume they have the right-of-way even if no yield sign is present for the driver turning right.

If one driver is turning left and the opposing driver is turning right doesn't the left-turning driver have the right-of-way if the right-turning driver is in a turning-lane and do you have a source?

If the right turning driver is in the turning lane without lights then you have the right away to turn left. If he is in a meiddle strip then you still have the right away because the rule is the right hand turning driver must first give way to traffic to the left and or right and then any oncoming traffic going straight or turning left into the horizontal road. This is for Countries that drive on the left side of the road. If you drive on the right side of the road then i assume this answer would be reversed and he would have the right away. I have no sources for this but i suggest you go to a website containing road rules for your country cause everywhere is different even with states within your own country. My answer might only apply to where I live, if you live in Australia then take my answer 100% as correct.

Driver 1 pulls to the far left lane which is the oncoming traffic lane to make a wide right hand turn but Driver 2 behind Driver 1 is going straight and gets hit by Driver 1 then who is at fault?

This is a very common accident to see involving Tractor-Trailers who must often swing left before turning right, and end up with a car whizzing up their right side. In spite of the fact that the manoevre was necessary, the onus is still on the driver who swung wide to ensure his right side remains clear. Therefore, Driver 1 is most likely at fault.

Driver a is making a left turn driver b is going straight but driver b hits driver a passenger side of driver a car. who is at fault?

To tell you the truth, You both are at fault. If you go to court, usually they will tell you that it's the person that didn't have the right - of - way's fault.

Driver A making a left hand turn into a driveway off of a two way street and get hit leaving front end damage on driver A's car only side damage on driver B's car who tried to pass who's at fault?

Your question is slightly confusing. If you are saying that driver A was turning left and driver B attempted to pass them on the left then driver B is at fault because it is illegal to pass on the left except in a clearly marked passing zone (in which case as long as driver A had their directional signal on, driver B is still at fault).

If you are in the right lane to make a right and your stopped and the the driver in front of you is in the middle lane and makes a right turn also and hits you who is at fault?

Passing on the right is illegal on most roads. As an example, in Michigan, you can only pass on the right if there are three or more lanes going in that direction. Your case would indicate that the driver on the right would have been illegally passing, an indication of fault on their part. However, the person on the left shouldn't turn in to someone, regardless of whether they should be there or not.

Who is at fault if driver a is turning right into center turn lane to make left at an intersection and driver b is driving in center lane before the opening and hits driver a?

If the driver has completely turned into the center lane and vehicle B rear ends vehicle A directly from behind then it is driver Bs fault. If vehicle a has not completed the turn into the center lane and vehicle B impacts on an angle at say the drivers side door or left rear passengers door, basically anywhere along the left side of the vehicle then it is driver A's fault.Another View: When turning right onto a multi-lane roadway, the law requires you to turn into the right-hand lane of that roadway. You may change lanes only when you determine that the lanes to your left are clear to merge into. YOU are at fualt for the collision.

What is an unprotected left turn?

It is a left turn where the turning driver must yield to oncoming traffic entering a cross-streets intersection because there is no left left turn signal facing that left-turning driver during which a red light stops oncoming traffic to protect the left turning vehicle. This holds in keep-to-the-right countries. For keep-to-left countries, there are, sometimes, protected right turns.