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Q: Who is Tracy in the Summit car commercials in NY state?
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Who is Tracy in the Summit car commercials?

Tracey DiMarco

Who is the girl in the Summit Car King commercials in Central New York?

Her name is tracy kristoff (maiden name) she is married to one of the managers for the company.

Who does the voice over for the Infiniti car commercials?

The voice behind the Infiniti car commercials is the actor Liev Schreiber.

Who is the voice on the smart car commercials?


Who is the girl in the febreze car commercial with the tattoos?

Febreze does not release credits for their commercials. At this time the girl in their car commercials name is unknown.

Where can one view funny car commercials?

With nearly 250.000 search results YouTube offers more then enough funny car commercials to satisfy anyone's thirst for such videos. Just enter funny car commercials into the search.

Where can one go online to watch popular car insurance commercials?

There are a wide variety of car insurance commercials that have gained attention due to their humor. Such commercials can be found on the popular video hosting site YouTube.

Car commercial songs?

Most commercials use music to help draw in a potential customer. Car commercials use jungles and background music as well.

What types of music is used for car commercials?

In car commercials the music is often dependant on the car being featured. For example if the commercial is about a truck, and they are mudding, country music would likely be featured.

Who is the actor in the Lincoln car commercials?

Matthew McConaughey.

Who sings fast car?

Tracy Chapman.

Who is the actress in the paul masses car commercials?

Adrienne LaValley