Who is Leon Thomas 3 dating?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who is Leon Thomas 3 dating?
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Is adrianna garde dating leon thomas the 3?


Who is leon thomas the 3 dating?

We don't know for sure, but he might be dating Victoria Justice (Tori Vega).

Who is leon Thomas dating?

lady gaga

Are Leon Thomas III and Ariana Grande dating?

No, they are not.nopeyes we are dating

Who is dating Leon Thomas III?

I think Leon Thomas 3rd is dating Victoria justice or Elizabeth gillies but I'm not sure

Who plays Andre on victorious?

Leon Thomas III :)

Where does leon Thomas 3 live?

Leon Thomas III Lives In Brooklyn New York :)

Is ariana and leon thomas dating?

I dont thi so but they seem to be very good friends

Is leon thomas iii and elizabeth gillies dating?

Probably not. Although you never know! Neither of them has said anything about dating each other.

Is Victoria Justice and leon thomas dating?

no they shouldnt i think avan jogia and victoria should date they are the cutest couple

What is the birth name of Leon Thomas Braun?

Leon Thomas Braun's birth name is Leon Thomas Chledowski.

Is Victoria Justice dating anyone this 2013?

According to what I've read and heard, she might be engaged to Leon Thomas lll. It is said that Leon Had proposed to her with a Victorious ring at Macdonalds.