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who invented the first airship

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Q: Who invented the shock absorber for car?
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What is the purpose of a shock absorber in a car?

The purpose of a shock absorber in a car is to smooth out or damp shock impact, and dissipate kinetic energy. It is a mechanical device used in the car and it is a type of dashpot.

Who invented shock absorber?

Claude Foster, founder of Gabriel the company who invented the first shock absorber, which was called the snubber in 1907. In 1918 the first hydraulic shock absorber was introduced and in 1956 the first adjustable shock absorber as well. In 1967 the first gas shock absorber came from Gabriel and from that point many other makers began copying and expanding on the initial work of the people at Gabriel.

Why does car shimmy - shock absorber?

Or wheel and tyre.

What is the difference between a shock and a strut in a car?

A strut is a combination of a shock absorber and a coil spring

Where can one have access to a shock absorber?

A shock absorber can be found underneath the engine in a car between the engine and the wheels. It is is used to absorb the impact that the wheels hitting the road can have on the car. It can be seen and accessed from beneath the car.

Shock Absorber?

form_title= Shock Absorber form_header= Replace the shock absorber in your vehicle. When do you need the shock absorber?*= _ Will you install it yourself?*= () Yes () No Do you want to purchase after-market parts?*= () Yes () No

Does Rafael nadal have a shock absorber?

Rafa does play with a shock absorber.

What causes a squeaky noise when your car hits a bump?

check your shock absorber

What's a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is a device that absorbs vibration on a vehicle.

What is your bone shock absorber?

The shock absorber between bones is called cartilage.

Where can one buy a shock absorber sports bra?

One can buy a shock absorber sports bra on the official shock absorber website. One can also get shock absorber bras from different brands such as Victoria's Secret Pink, Lululemon, and Sears.

What is the main shock absorber in the human body?

the main shock absorber is the knee.(but this is just a guess)

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