Who invented the first airbag?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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John Hetrick from the USA in 1953.

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Q: Who invented the first airbag?
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Why was the airbag invented?

so when you have a wreak

Who invented the airbag?

the first person to invent the airbag was actually a team of people led by Dr. Phillip David Vrzal who would later lead the company that invented front wheel drive. Dr. Vrzal was a automotive legend and a visionary. An American inventor, John W. Hetrick patented the first devise referred to as an airbag.

Where was the airbag invented?

At the drivers safety submission.

When removing the steering column will the airbag automatically pop out?

you have to take the airbag out first.

When were car air bags invented?

Airbag is said to be invented as early as 1950 but its sensing technology birth was known to start in 1968.

When was airbag introduced in Australia?

2134 was when the first ever airbag was installed in an australian car. and yes i am from the future

What were the patents registered by Mercedes-Benz?

They invented the airbag, ABS, ESP and 3 point seat belts.

When was the first safety airbag put in a Lincoln VII?


Which of the following features appeared first in Mercedes-Benz cars?


How do you clear the codes for airbag on a 1995 mercury villager constant blinking airbag light?

You can't "clear" it unless you fix the problem that is causing the light to be on in the first place. That's the way all airbag systems work.

How can you reset the airbag light on a 1993 Toyota Corolla?

You will first need to check that the airbag has been properly set up. Then you can go into your settings and get it all reset.

What was invented First the train or the car?

The first train was invented in 1814,and the first car was invented in 1672. So, the car was first invented.