Who invented the T-34?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mikhail Ilyich Koshkin, and his committee, he thought of the plan and began work in 1934, hence the name T-34. Two prototypes where build in Kharkov Ukraine, and drove to Moscow where they where approved for production by Stalin in 1939, just in time for the war.
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Q: Who invented the T-34?
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What the best tank in ww?

Russian T34

Who invented the t-34 war tank?

The T34 was an improved tank, designed by Mikhail Koshkin based upon the combat experience of the Soviet BT tanks during the Nomanhan battles in 1939 with Japan.

Which car has the least mile per gallon ratio?

T34 tank 6 gallons to the mile

How many T34 tanks were built?

The Soviets built 35,119 T-34 tanks, and 29,430 T-34-85 tanks.

What tank did the Russians build?

The father of one of histories most famous tanks, the T34, was the BT tanks. If it hadn't been for the BT tank and it's combat experience in 1939 at Nomonhan, the T34 would never have been born. And if it had been created at all, it would have been too late to participate in WWII. The BT stood for "fast tank" and in 1935 was probably the fastest and deadliest armed tank in the world with a high velocity 45mm tank gun. It's only weakness was it's gas engine, a fault that was corrected with it's son, the T34.

Which Soviet tank had to raise its gun to reload?

In modern times, the t80 and t90 both require its barrel lifted the t34 also required it

How do you prime the Nikki T34 infusion set?

Add drugs to syringe as per orders. Add an extra 1 ml to syringe to allow for priming the line. Line is usually attached to saf-t intima or a butterfly. Attach line to syringe and prime line and needle set. Then attach syringe to Nikki T34. and start as per instructions. Site needle sublet. Cover with transparent dressing etc.

Was the Russian T34 tank superior to the German product in any aspects other than extremely cold conditions?

Yes. It had sloped armor, something German tanks had not employed up to that point. In addition, it had wide tracks, which gave it better traction in the conditions prevalent in Russia. Next, it was more reliable than the German tanks. The problems in comparison to German tanks were that the Soviet crews were not as well trained as their German adversaries. In addition, the Germans employed a crew of 5, whereas the Soviets usually had only 4. This made a big difference in that the Germans had an extra set of eyes looking for an enemy. And last but probably the most important, the T-34 was mass producable. The huge numbers churned out by the Soviet factories made up for any difference. Tank vs. tank, the Panther (after it's teething problems were resolved) was better. But as a class of tanks, the T-34 was arguably the best tank in WWII. There were actually two models of the T34, and the above answer refers to the tank known in the West as the T34/76 because of its 76mm gun mounted in a 2-man turret. The commander doubled as loader for the main weapon, and he had no cupola to give him all-around vision. The T34/85 introduced in 1943 corrected these faults simply by mounting an 85mm gun in a larger 3-man turret with a cupola. The third man merely loaded the main weapon, leaving the commander nothing to do except to command with the benefit of all-around vision. The only penalties were slightly higher sihlouette and extra weight, but these were small prices to pay for the best tank of World War II. As well-stated by the above answer, the German Panther was still superior on a one-to-one basis, but it was offset by the fact that the Panther was expensive and could be produced in fewer numbers, while the T34 could be produced more cheaply and easily. Both models of the T34 were uncomfortable and hard on their crews, but the Soviet Army wanted a tank that could fight, nothing more. A tank is a combination of three things: firepower, protection, and mobility. The sloped armor, wide tracks, and powerful gun of the T34/85 were the best combination of these three elements in WWII; even better than the original T34/76 which came as a demoralizing shock to the invading Germans. It was not the best in any one area, but it was the best compromise of all three areas. On a tank vs. tank basis, it might be noted that the T34 was superior to to the American Sherman in all three areas, but American wealth allowed the Sherman to be produced in even greater numbers, and the Sherman was much more comfortable for its 5-man crews.

Where could one find information about t34?

The T-34 tank is best known for its use by the Soviets during the 1940's to the 1960's. The "Discovery" website or "World of Tanks" website would be the most reputable source for further information.

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Diesel engine what engine in t34 tank?

" Due to a shortage of new V-2 diesel engines, the initial production run from the Gorky factory were equipped with the BT tank's Mikulin M-17 gasoline aircraft engine, and inferior transmission and clutch." Wikipedia

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