Who created the Pitsco car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Harvey Dean created the Pitsco car or the Co2 Dragster as some may prefer to call it.

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Q: Who created the Pitsco car?
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Who started the pitsco CO2 car?

Jesse cahalan made it in his spare time because he was bored..

What is the history of the Pitsco car?

Pitsco Education,, is the creator of the Pitsco line of educational toys, including their model cars. They make Co2 and air powered race cars as well as maglev, fuel cell and solar powered cars. The company was founded by three teachers in 1971. They make many products from geomety models to rockets and all come with a curriculum and educational value. They even make a real Wind Tunnel for testing the aerodynamics of your car.

When were pitsco cars made?

Pitsco cars began in the early 1970s as a teaching activity for seventh-grade. The cars were originally called Land Speed Record Assault Vehicles (LSRAVs) and are powered by CO2 cartridges.

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