Who builds craftsman model 4p90jua engine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is a MTD (Modern Tool and Die Company) product. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Q: Who builds craftsman model 4p90jua engine?
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Who builds model number 536886350 snow thrower?


What brand of 3hp 4cycle engine is on a craftsman edger?

Probably Tecumseh. Look for an engine model beginning with "143"

Who made the engine of the craftsman 20 lawnmower model number 917387321?

Briggs & Stratton

When was Railroad Model Craftsman created?

Railroad Model Craftsman was created in 1933.

What is the fuel mixture for a Craftsman Model 358351810 chainsaw?

1 gal gas + 2cycle engine oil

Do you have an engine schematic for a Craftsman lawn mower model no 917-387350?

Go to, and type in model # 143.033700 That is the engine specified for that mower. You can then choose between engine, carb, starter, etc. diagrams and parts lists.

What is the model number for a sears craftsman gt5000 garden tractor with a 25hp kohler engine and a 48 mowing deck?


How much oil in a craftsman lawnmower?

There is not enough info to ask that question. There are many different models of craftsman mower. Please ask again and include the model of the mower, the engine make and size.

Where to get a Manual for craftsman 24 front tine tiller 5.5hp Intek Briggs and Stratton Engine?

With a model number , try the link below.

Where to find manual for craftsman lawnmower model 944.607853?

A manual for the Craftsman lawnmower model 944.607853 can be ordered from the Craftsman company. Another option is to contact the store where the lawnmower was purchased and have them order a manual.

Where is the oil filler on craftsman 16 hp tractor?

Depending on the model it may not have one. If its a Briggs engine and you don't see it then it probably doesnt have one.

Is there a manuel for the craftsman 208 cc snowblower engine?

There probably is but I would need the model number beginning with 143 to look it up. It may be covered by other things, but it should be on top of the engine.