Who bought the first car ever?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Arnold shwarzenegger

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Q: Who bought the first car ever?
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Where can you go to see the rims on your car?

where ever you bought the car from

What is the most bought car ever?


Who bought the first-ever car?

Karl Benz, The inventor, gave it to his wife Bertha, if your asking who owns it now a museum in Germany does

In what year was the car brought to the US?

when was the first car bought out

How was kelly clarkson discovered?

She was the first ever American Idol winner her friend suggested she do it and when she won she bought her friend a new car i think it was a porche or something

Where do I purchase theReplacement plastic retaining clips for the pontaic Aztec?

where ever you bought the car from.

What did Henry Ford's car cost?

The Model T which was not his first car sold for $850 in 1908 and dropped to $260 by 1927. The very first car he ever built and sold was the Ford Quadricycle which sold for $200 in 1896. He built and sold 3 of them. He bought the first one he sold back for $60.

Who bought the very first car?

Mrs efunroye tinubu

When was the First Ever car made?

Ferdinand Verbiest invented the first car in the year 1672. It was the first ever car invented and was powered by steam. Ferdinand was an experimentalist and a missionary to China. He built his car in China. Hence you could rightly say, the first ever car was made in 1672 in China.

What was the price of the first webkinz ever made and who bought it?

it was:imacarolinagiao the 3rd

Do you pay sales tax in ny if the car was bought in NJ?

Probably what ever state you register the car in would collect the taxes.

What is the value of the first car ever invented?

The very first car ever invented no longer exists. If it did the value would be in the millions.