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The number one leading provider of car insurance in Canada is Allstate Insurance Company. Other leading providers are Economical Insurance and Federated Insurance Company.

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Q: Who are the leading providers of car insurance in Canada?
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What are the leading Canadian car insurance brokers?

The leading car insurance brokers for car insurance in Canada is Kanetix, they can also provide insurance for travel, home, mortgage rates and credit cards.

Which providers specialize in import car insurance?

The providers that specialize in import car insurance are usually the Asian countries that have many visitors from the west. For example Japan has many providers for import car insurance.

What are some car insurance providers in Florida?

You can go to On this website, you will be able to get a list of the Florida car insurance providers which are available.

Where can one purchase car insurance for a teenager?

One can purchase car insurance for a teenager at almost all car insurance providers. The rates between different providers may be different. Some providers include Geico and Nationwide.

Where can I compare car insurance?

You can compare car insurance on many different online sites. "" gives you car insurance comparison quotes. Different car insurance providers may also give you a quote compared with other insurance providers.

Where in Kentucky can I get a free car insurance quote?

A lot of car insurance providers offers free quotes online these days. Look on the websites of insurance providers you are interested in.

Which providers have the best prices on car insurance in the United States?

There are many car insurance providers in the United States that give great prices. Some of the best car insurance providers that give the best prices are, travelers, geico, state farm, and progressive.

Where can I find a list of Georgia car insurance providers?

Please visit On this website, you will be able to find a list of car insurance providers for the state of Georgia.

Where do I get Illinois car insurance?

Illinois car insurance can be purchased from many auto insurance providers. To find rates you can contact an insurance provider such as Allstate or Farmers Insurance or do a search on a website that will compare different rates from several providers.

Where can I find a company list of Arizona car insurance providers?

A good place to start is This is a comprehensive list of car insurance providers for Arizona.

What are advantages of lexington car insurance?

Lexington Insurance offers one simple application to complete. In exchange, they will offer many quotes from leading providers in the Lexington area. Someone with this car insurance can receive benefits from his/her own policy regardless of the at fault party.

Is there a site online that lists California car insurance providers?

There is a site online that lists California car insurance providers. This website lists the top ten

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