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John Mangan (of, a home hobbyist and hardware hacker created the first remote car starter in 1989. The car was controlled using an old cordless telephone with the base hacked to receive and interpret DTMF codes from the cordless handset. When a specific code was entered, a series of relays would be triggered to simulate the starting process as would be done with an actual key in the car. He later experimented with other methods of radio frequency remotes which allowed him to start and stop his car over significant distances (1+ miles).

The first car to be remotely started in this way was a VW Rabbit with manual transmission. The car had to be left in neutral with the emergency break pulled in order for the starter to work.

It wasn't until the mid to late 90's before the first commercial car starter came to market, but unfortunately John Mangan never patented the idea and it was quickly mass-produced by many vendors.

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I invented the remote starter in orland park Illinois in 1967 a neighbor told his friend about it that lived in Palos Illinois and he got the Patten on it and sold it to chapman the maker of car alarms

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Q: Who and when invented the remote car starter?
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