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Saddle key

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Q: Which type of key is used for mounting shifting gears in gear boxes?
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What is the rod called from the gear shift to the gears?

shifting rod

Does shifting gears from drive to 3rd gear damage car?


What are the release dates for Gear Heads - 2014 Shifting Gears 1-2?

Gear Heads - 2014 Shifting Gears 1-2 was released on: USA: 14 March 2014

What part changes gears in a transmission?

Shifting forks.They slide the gears along splines engaging them to another gear.

How many gear boxes are there in a train?

thr r 2000 gears

Why wont your manual 2002 Saturn shift out of 1st gear?

The first cause of the jump out from one to other gear is the loose shifter fork, which connects the shifting linkage and gears of the transmission. The second cause is loose shifting linkage itself, which connects the gear shifting knob and shifting fork. The shifting linkage and shifting fork become loose due to the rapid changing of gears from one gear to other at high speed of vehicle. The third cause is the misalignment of shifting linkage to the shifting fork.

What is wrong when shifting to second gear makes noise but shifting to other gears are normal?

Synchronizer maybe. not sure if that's how you spell it. I grind a little downshifting into second but not when shifting into any other gears. A mechanic buddy told me that's probably what it was.

Would a recently added a 3 inch bodylift kit interfere with the gear changes in transmission if truck has a 6 inch suspension?

A body lift can interfere with the shifting of gears.A body lift can interfere with the shifting of gears.

How does a car behave when it has transmission issues?

If a car has an automatic transmission, potential problems include:not shifting into forward or reversenot shfting automatically into higher gears when vehicle speed increasesnot shifting automatically into lower gears when the vehicle slows downnot downshifting to a lower gear to produce more power when a driver pushes down quickly on the gas pedalnot shifting into neutral or "Park" positionsnot starting in the right gear, or skipping gears, or failing to shift to top gear

Can i get detail information on various types of gears and gear boxes?

I think you will get the required information on:

What is the Gaelic translation for shift as in shift gears?

In Irish it's "athraigh" eg. ag athrú giaranna (shifting gear)

Gear boxes on electric cars?

Electric cars usually only need two gears, forward and reverse, since there is such a high amount of mid range torque available therefore shifting is not needed to deliver the right amount of power to the wheels.

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