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Car leasing

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2013-10-04 16:02:46
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Q: Which term describes an alternative to car buying where monthly payments are paid for a specific period of time after which the vehicle is returned to the dealership or bought?
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What if you took the car returned it and did not sign title over to dealership?

That means you left "your" car parked at the dealership. You haven't returned anything.

Can a car be returned one day after purchase for bad engine?

Ask your dealership.

A day after purchasing a car with no as is sign could it be returned to the dealership?

Google "Lemon Law"

If you cosigned on a loan and voluntary have it returned can the company still come after you if the primary signer is making payments?

Don't understand what you mean by the phrase, "...voluntary have it returned..." However, as long as the primary indebted party is current in their payments there would be no reason for the loan company to contact you for payments.

What should you do if a finance company returns your payments?

Perhaps your loan has been paid in full. Otherwise, call them and ask why they returned your payments.

What happens to payments made after a car is repossed?

Payments made after a car is repossessed will no longer be returned to the debtor. In fact, the lender can still require the debtor to pay the remaining balance of the loan.

You returned a car to the dealership and its still showing on your credit?

Of course it is. You voluntarily turn the car in for repossession. It will stay on your credit report for 7 years.

What will happen if you leased a new car and could not afford the insurance and returned it 2 days later to the dealership?

How did you get away from the dealership without it (ins. coverage)? If ya take it back, its a repo. Call the lender and ask them. Good Luck

If you just recently returned to an auto dealership as a sales consultant and you are just starting out what would you do to increase your sales?

Approach every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

What do you call animals who are returned to the wild?

Your use of the words "are returned" is confusing. A feral animal is an formerly-tame animal (such as a pet cat or dog) which has escaped and returned to the wild behaviour of its kind. I don't believe there is a word which describes animals which have been raised - or born and raised - in captivity and then returned to the wild.

Which statement describes how to extradition process helps states enforce their laws?

Fugitives who flee to another state will be returned for trial

When do you have to be out of a house after it has been discharged in Chapter 7?

Because the house has been returned to the lender. It is not "yours" in any sense and you have not arranged to reclaim the house by making payments.

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