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Stanley Steemer is the name of a carpet cleaner company.Sixty years ago, Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner began as a one-man, single-truck operation founded in the Midwest.

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Q: Which profession is Stanley Steemer associated with?
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When was Stanley Steemer created?

Stanley Steemer was created in 1947.

How do I get coupons for Stanley Steemer ?

You can get coupons for Stanley Steemer directly at the Stanley Steemer website. You can also find these coupons in newspaper inserts and flyers as well as on coupon sites such as Retailmenot and the Coupon Clipper.

Where do i redeem the Stanley streamers coupon?

Stanley Steemer Coupons can be redeemed online via the official Stanley Steemer website. The coupon code is entered when entering payment details for the order.

What kinds of cleaning does Stanley Steemer offer?

Stanley Steemer offers both commercial and residential cleaning of carpets, area rugs, air ducts, and hardwood floors. Stanley Steemer also refinishes hardwood floors and provides a water damage restoration service.

Who is the actor in Stanley steemer commercial?

David Theune

Where can I purchase a reasonably priced Stanley Steamer?

The Stanley Steemer can be purchased on the Stanley Steemer website. This product also appears on ebay and amazon (used) with some regularity and is significantly cheaper in these places than new.

Are there any coupons for Stanley Steemer?

One of the best places where you can find coupons for companies like Stanley Steemer is Sometimes the company's main website will offer them too.

Does Stanley steemer give a drug test for pre-employment?

Yes they do!

Who is the actress in the Stanley Steemer commercial who says that she had a cheap job done and then had Stanley Steemer com and do it right - She wears a pink sweater?

She has the sweetest, most soothing voice. Very pretty too I saw her in a commercial for the census. So much older. The Stanley Steamer commercial must be at least 10 years old.

How long has the Stanley Steemer company been in business?

Stanley Steemer was founded by Jack Bates in 1947, it was started up in San Diego with one service man and one truck and has grown to become one of the most popular carpet cleaning businesses in the US today.

Does Stanley steemer give a drug test for pre employment?

Yes a full blown out urine test before you are hired!

Who is the actress who does Stanley Steemer commercials?

"I'm looking for the name of the actress featured full-face in the current Stanley Steemer TV ads?" Answer = Sprague Grayden. She plays a schoolteacher in "Jericho", and has a lot of other commercials under her belt, including Kwik Trip ads. Disagree. Not even close to the same woman.