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barrack Obama

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Q: Which president took naps while traveling by car?
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Which president often took naps while traveling by car?

William Taft often took naps while traveling by car

What is the Edison trait?

He took short naps.

What presidet offten took naps?

William Taft

Who was the first president to laeve the continental us while in office?

Theodore took a trip to Panama while he was president.

Who was president when the whiskey rebellion took place?

It occured in 1794, while George Washington was still president.

Why president Tyler did not have a vice president?

Because he was the vice president while William Henry Harrison was president and he died sudenely so he took over

When was Nixon president was it before or after carter?

Nixon was President from 1969 to 1974, while Carter took office in 1977.

How was a womens free time spent in Ancient Egypt?

They took naps, cooked, and cleaned

What happened in America while Garfield was president?

He is the only president to be inaugurated in office. He took office July 2, 1881.

Did Franklin roosevelt die in office?

Yes, he died while still President. Truman took over as Vice President.

What were some important events that took place while he was president?

reconstruction era of the U.S.A.

Which president had two different first ladies while in office?

John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson both suffered the death of their wives while in office and took a new bride while President.