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The car engine radiator.

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Q: Which parts of the car are made out of copper?
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What does copper do for car parts?

Most of the wiring is copper, not much else.

Why are certain car parts made of copper?

Copper is a good conductor of electricity and is cheap. Wires for wiper motors, lights and power seat motors etc. are all made of copper.

Why is the car engine radiator made from copper?

The radiator is made of copper because copper transfers heat very well.

How is copper made pure?

In a smelter. Heat drives off the parts of the ore that are not copper.

What are some electronic parts made out of?

Copper wire

What is a car radiator made of?

most car radiators are copper or aluminum and plastic.

Why don't car radiators rust?

car radiators used to be made of copper, copper doesnt rust. most radiators are now made from aluminum.aluminum also does no rust

Why is the car industry called car assembly rather than car manufacturing?

In the past (quite a long time ago!) most car manufacturers actually made all the parts that went into the car, so they bought metal, plastic, wood, etc, and then made parts out of these materials, then made a car with the parts they had made. These days most car companies buy parts made by other companies, and then "assemble" the parts into a car. So they no longer "manufacture" a car, they "assemble" it.

What are car wires made of?

Copper surrounded by a plastic insulator.

What American car parts are made in china?

Nearly All American car parts are made in China, especially Ford.

Where in Ontario are car parts made?


What car parts is made of steel?

the mufler