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fixed expenses

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Q: Which of these terms includes items such as car payments and insurance?
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Can a car be repossed after payments have been made?

Yes, if other terms of the contract are breached, such as having no car insurance.

What terms of life insurance are offered by Direct Line Life Insurance?

The terms of life insurance are as follows: You start paying at å£6 monthly increments. Your premiums and cash sum amount will stay the same unless you decide to alter your payments.

Can you get car insurance if you don't have a job?

most companys i would say yes, as long as you can pay the premium, and meet whatever other underwriting terms they have...

When does long term care insurance begin?

Long term care insurance typically begins once the policy is in effect, which is usually after the premium payments have been made and the policy has been issued. The specific start date can vary depending on the insurance company and the terms of the policy, so it's important to check the policy documentation or consult with the insurance provider for the exact details.

Which of these terms includes items such as gasoline and oil changes?

variable costs

Which of these terms includes items such as car license fees and depreciation?

fixed costs

What are the terms of the AAMI landlord house insurance?

The terms of the AAMI landlord house insurance represent an agreement between a customer and AAMI for insurance coverage. Some of the items of the terms include that AAMI landlord house insurance will provide coverage for flood damage, rain or stormwater damage, as well as any damage or loss caused by theft and vandalism.

What terms best describes government payments to a person or business?

Transfer Payments

What are the terms for getting life insurance in the UK?

When getting life insurance, the terms of the insurance will vary depending on the policy desired as well as the company offering the policy. In many policies, the difference will be things like how often payments are made or what causes of death are not covered. It is best to research any policy before signing to make sure it fits the needs of the policy owner.

Is it necessary to purchase mortgage payment protection insurance when buying a home?

"Mortgage payment protection insurance is essentially a form of life insurance. If something happens to you, your mortgage payments will be covered under the terms of your insurance plan. This insurance is definitely not necessary, and, in fact, a more standard plan like term life insurance may get you a better value for your dollar."

Where should I get homeowner insurance?

The best financial plan for homeowners insurance is to have this financed into the terms of the initial loan. This makes the payments easy to keep track of because you can stop worrying about a large payment being due at the wrong time of the year.

Terms best describes government payments to a person or business?

Transfer Payments