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Car salesman

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Q: Which of these professions does usually not require a license in order to perform their job duties?
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How do you get a babysitter license?

In the US a babysitter is not required to have a license. A day care operator usually does require a license.

What profession would use discriminant analysis?

Professions that require counselling usually use discriminant analysis. These professions that use discriminant analysis can include mediators, counselors and negotiators.

Does a steam boiler always require an operator?

a boiler doesn't always require an operator, but most facilities do require an operator license which is usually a local or state permit

Is a license required to be a nail technician?

Most states require licensing to become a nail technician. The license is usually given by the state's Board of Cosmetology.

Witch of the following careers does not require a bachelor’s or master’s degree but usually requires a license in most states?


Do i need a license to ride a motorizedpedal bike in pa?

Usually that depends on the power of the motor. So called assist engines are usually license free, while stronger engines might require some sort of licensing - at which point you're usually better off buyong a proper scooter instead.

Can anyone be a truck driver?

No, truck driving for a business will usually require you to obtain a Class "C" drivers license. You will be required to take a written and hands on test.

What professions do you usually have wacky hair styles?

when your a clown hair stylists scientists,,,.etc....

How do you buy vehicles at dealer auction in Arizona?

True auctions require that you be an auto dealer to get in. Being a dealer usually requires a license and bond and often a business address.

What are the building code setbacks for Hall county Georgia?

Hall county does not, usually, require a code license when carrying out its duties. A code is required when the site is under conservancy.

Are there nursing jobs that do not require a RN license?

yes there are nursing jobs that don't require a rn license but if you get one of does jobs you will get paid less because you don't have that much experiences. but if you have a rn nursing license you can get paid more. **That doesn't even make sense... If you want a NURSING job, you have to go to school and obtain either your RN or LPN license. You can be an aide usually with little or no training. Granted, you make very little money, but you gain experience in the field.

How much does a florist earn in NZ?

There is no professional license required. A business license issued usually by the country and State and Federal tax numbers are all you need. Business license feesvary. Tax numbers ( allow you to buy wholesale without the sales taxes ) just require the forms be submitted.