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1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 0.28 or 0.29 (depending on the source)

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Q: Which muscle car has the best drag coefficient?
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How do you use coefficient in a sentence?

I'm looking for a car with a lower drag coefficient.

What is frontal area of a car?

car's frontal area is wind area,used for calculating the drag coefficient

What are the Factor that affect the speed of a running car?

Drag coefficient and power to weight ratio come to mind .

What are the factor that affect the speed of the running car?

Drag coefficient and power to weight ratio come to mind .

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Yes, wax will lower the drag coefficient of the snowboard.

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What is the unit used to measure drag force?

(Low altitudes, normal temperatures / pressures, ordinary speeds.) > Drag due to moving through the air, depends on the velocity and the objects drag coefficient in the equation: > drag force (newtons) = velocity2 * drag coefficient > some (typical) drag coefficients: saloon car : 0.40 115 hp motorcycle ( with fairing) 0.23 person in freefall : 0.16

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